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Our Leather Story

Our Leather Family was formed by a group of good friends who played together, partied together, worked together and socialized together.  And in some cases, had some wicked kinky sex together as well!
All of us had very different backgrounds, kinks, interests and perspectives.  Yet, we were all bound by a very strong common thread--the unyielding belief that we had the right to express ourselves, sexually and otherwise, in our BDSM, fetish, or swinging lifestyles.  Together, we truly have a support system and network that enriches and enhances our lives, and gives us a hell of a lot of fun and pleasure!
Some of us live together under the same roof, and some of us rest have our own separate residences.  We all have a common social, spiritual, and sexual home, however--our own commercial dungeon located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Here, in our very own kinky sanctuary, we can often be found at play, or just enjoying ourselves socially with family and friends.
We have many friends in the kink community, and are always open to adding other members to our happy family.  We only consider adding members who we would who truly interested in joining us for the long-haul.  If this is you, feel free to contact us and get to know us.  We do bite, but rarely draw blood ;-)
Although we have an honorary Patriarch in our Family, all family members are of equal importance and stature.  Whether Master or slave, Dom or sub, switch, swinger, or kinkster-at-large, or open-minded vanilla, everyone is welcome in our ecclectic household!

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