Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2001.

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Audio Files:

Coming soon!

The following are .wav files of selected poems. Because of limited space, many of the files are only the intros of their respective poems. Others are simply very short poems. In any event, all of these files will download in 30 seconds or less with a 56K modem, so don't be afraid to have a listen.

The Fool (intro)


Smoke and Mirrors

Jack the Strangler

Kiss of Impotence (intro)

Plat-eye (intro)

Two Sisters (intro)

Lipstick Sisters

Lover's Wake

A Traveler's Reflection on Ft. George Island (intro)

Waterfall (intro)



Summer in December



I plan to be in the studio soon to record full-length and high-quality versions of some of these poems. Subsequently, discs will be available in the future.

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2001.