Lyric Poet
Love 3

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright 1980-2006. Brent Futo.

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As this grass engulfs my flesh,
And the earth reclaims my bones as dust,
Let them say, "There lies a man,
Who lived not at all, if not for lust".
Let them say, "He knew not much".
Let them say, "He lived a life insane".
But let them say that he bled for love,
'Til his final pulse had purged his veins.
Let them say, "He died a fool,
Void of riches, accolades, and praise".
But let them say, "He loved a girl,
And yet loves her still, from this, his grave".



If love is a virus,
Then I am infected.
Divorce is the treatment,
My body rejected.
If love is a cancer,
My mind radiated,
My heart is the place where,
It first incubated.
If love is a poison,
With antidote missing,
I swallow it always,
When your mouth I'm kissing.

"Climbing Stone Mountain"

Stone Mountain

This granite rock, emerging skyward,
From reclusive, ancient ground,
Bears true witness to a love that
Lingers here without a sound.
Come rest upon my solid shoulders,
Smooth and soothing, cool blue stone.
Stand upon me, stand beside me,
Never shall you stand alone.
Bathe away your reservations,
In these lakes that form my feet.
Dance nude in my forest foothills--
Flesh and stone as one shall meet.
Chip away with fear, objections,
At my surface, if you must.
After years of futile effort,
You will sculpt a stoic trust.
Spill your tears of joy and sorrow,
On this porous, granite skin.
Every ounce of you enjoins me--
Your life's fluids seeping in.
And when your faith and vision falter,
And clouds obscure this dome of stone,
On these slopes you'll find your comfort,
In this bedrock, you'll find home.


Her soul crosses over...

I go searching for you,
As you lie in the dark.
I uncover your body,
But no sign of your heart.
I unearth you and wash you,
Rinse-away love's old wounds.
Yet your heart is protective,
Of the pain it entombs.
I return you unchanged to,
Your safe, self-imposed grave.
Still a corpse with a soul,
That my love couldn't save.
Yet I sit here in vigil,
By your side, day and night.
Never-ending devotion,
Never ending my fight.
Should there be resurrection,
Rest assured I'll be here.
We'll ascend to the heavens,
Born by wings freed from fear.
Love is harder than granite,
Love runs deeper than clay.
Though this earth may not hold you,
Maybe I will one day.

Copyright 1980-2003 Brent Futo.