Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright Brent Futo 2006.

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"To The Fool Who Covets My Lover"



What made you believe you could creep into my garden,
Pluck its sweetest, ripest fruit, sink your teeth into its skin,
Suck the nectar from its flesh, then escape unscathed, my friend?
What you didn't know, is such beauty is a poison,
Damning all who her taste her face, kiss her lips of lies and sin.
If her plot destroys you not, I will surely do you in.
Truth is you can't steal, what my own heart cannot capture.
Such a prize to all men's eyes, only God or Satan owns.
Nonetheless, I dug a hole, where I'll spread your rotting bones.

"Romantic Rape"


I forced my feelings on your heart,
Intruding on your guarded parts.
I battered you with virgin dreams,
And shattered you with soft, sweet screams.
I bound you with agape ropes,
Surrounded by prolific hopes,
Assaulted you with tenderness,
Exhumed your tombs of nothingness.
If love's a crime, and passion, hate,
And unrequited love is rape,
Then I'll stand guilty of this sin,
And screw your spirit once again.