Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

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"Mutilated Beauty"

Go ahead dear, sear your face,
Boiling oil will soon erase,
All your beauty, all your pain,
Faceless, brainless, you’ll remain.
Overrated, looks can be,
Instigating misery.
Those who covet beauty queens,
Do the most abusive things.
Go ahead child, go quite wild,
This is not the time for mild.
Slice your skin, and brand your hand,
Plain and ugly, now you stand.
Maybe now, they’ll leave you be,
Stop the blood eventually,
And let you make your grand escape;
For ugly girls are seldom raped.
Beauty, you’ve learned, is a curse,
For girls it seems, there’s nothing worse,
Than lustful men, with drooling tongues,
Who devour their pretty young.
I wish you could escape this fate,
But like those men, I masturbate,
Every time I see your breasts;
For I am just like all the rest.
I fuck you now, I’ll fuck you then,
Even when you ruin your skin,
For you are perfect, to the core;
Beloved ugly, daughter whore.


I taste your face, your breath embrace,

Ingest your wine in long deep sips.

As I draw near again to skin,

I’m lost in your apocalips.

Your mouth enshrined, conjoined with mine,

Becomes a sacred dance of death.

When lips collide, resistance dies,

I live but only by your breath.

A kiss they say is just a kiss,

But yours ensnares my soul and grips,

Not only flesh, but spirit too—

Forever, your apocalips.

"The Nest"

Of course I want to hold you,
Face to face, chest to breast,
And keep you safe from worldly harm,
And love you more than all the rest.
Of course I want to see you soar,
Far beyond these current crowds,
And see you fly both far and high,
Well beyond these muted clouds.
Thus, here I sit, in craggy cliffs,
And groom your wings, and do my best,
To build a place for your return,
When you should need this restive nest.
The hardest things are letting go,
Of those we love and those we hate.
In this case love is all I feel,
As you, my daughter, incubate.


"Bad Daddy"


I slip into your room at night, and rape you in your sleep;
For this is what good daddies do; they love you very deep.
Of course you know you mustn’t cry, and must not ever tell,
‘Cause this our secret must remain, my heaven and your hell.
I place you on my lap by day, and kiss your tiny cheek,
You smile and laugh as you were taught, and wiggle in my seat.
I blame you for precociousness, for so much sex appeal,
And tell you all your memories, and nightmares are not real.
One day you’ll leave this house of mine, and find another Dad,
But I’ll make sure that I’m the best, rapist, you ever had.
And I will bind you with these chains, of shame and guilt and pain,
Forever in the midnight hour, when Daddy comes again.


Lesbo, faggot, gay, bi, queer,

What the fuck are you my dear?

We need labels to control you,

Ridicule and pigeonhole you.

Genderqueer or gender fluid?

Pagan, Celtic, witch, or Druid?

You can’t be yourself, you know,

You’ve got a pussy down below.

So choose  a label on the table,

Try one on when you are able,

And fuck your right to be yourself—

Get back up on that faggot shelf.

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