Atlanta's most deviant and erotic after parties at Studio Eris

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Insomnia is Atlanta's hottest, kinkiest, most erotic after-party for open-minded and adventurous adults 21 and up.  Insomnia is an adult playground for consenting adults to express their erotic desires in the fully-equipped dungeon of Studio Eris. 
We feature tons of play equipment, dancing, DJ, erotic performance artists, and freedom to explore your darkest sexual desires.  Whether you are a swinger, fetishist, or BDSM player, you will find a diverse, intimate and open-minded atmosphere in which to pursue your pleasures and express your passions.
Insomnia parties are held several times per month from 1:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.  No matter where you begin your night on the town, end it at Insomnia if you want to satisfy all those dark primal urges that lurk within!


Insomnia:  The inability to sleep because your mind is full of deviant sexual desires. 
The Cure:  The Insomnia After Party.
The Location:  Studio Eris (Located in the Avatar Building @ 255-B Ottley Drive NE, Atlanta GA  30324)
Contact: or 770-861-3990.


A Swinging Atlanta Production