Be careful what you ask for...

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Is Insomnia open to the general public?
No.  Only members of Swinging Atlanta and Studio Eris may attend Insomnia events.  Swinging Atlanta and Studio Eris are private fraternal organizations for adults over 21 only.
How can I become a member?
If you are a respectful, mature and open-minded person or couple 21 and over, you can obtain a membership at the events for only $10 per YEAR.  Valid ID is required.

Do I have to be 21?
Yes.  No exceptions.
How do I find this place?
Come to the Avatar Studios building at 155 Ottley Street NE and look for the main entrance at the loading dock.  Go through the loading dock area and locate the staircase at the back to the right.  Studio Eris is at the top of the stairs.

Is there booze?
No.  Alcohol is not sold, served or permitted in Studio Eris.  Sodas and juices are provided at no charge, however.  Don't even think of bringing any illegal drugs or substances.  You will be removed immediately.

How about smoking?
No smoking is allowed in the facility.  There is a smoking area immediately outside the studio and at the foot of the stairs.
If I exit the party, can I come back in?
What are the rules?
Dungeon protocol is posted in the Studio.  Respect and courtesy are expected and demanded at all times.  Safe, sane and consensual play and scenes of course.  No extreme scenes or play, such as knife/breath/blood/scat/watersports etc. are allowed.  Because Insomnia is a closed, private event, erotic, sexual, and sensual play may occur on premises.  If you are offended by such, DO NOT attend our events!
Do you have showers or lockers?
Nope.  If you bring toys, you are responsible to keep up with them.
What if I pay to enter and do not like it?
Tough shit.  You are free to leave.
How much does it cost to come to the parties?
User fees for members for most Insomnia parties are as follows:
Couples (M/F):  $20
Approved Single Males: $40
Single Females:  Free
Prices may vary for certain special dates and events.

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