Atlanta Flesh and Fetish Swingers Ball

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When are the Flesh and Fetish Balls held?
We will be holding monthly parties at Studio Eris at the LOFT in Atlanta.  Each party is fun, exciting, and different.  Make plans to attend our next party now!  Doors open and 9:00pm and close at 4:00am.

Do I have to pre-pay or RSVP?
Nope.  Just show up and pay at the door if you choose. 

Is nudity and sexual activity allowed?
Yes, and yes.  We are a closed, private event for our membership only.  As such, any and all consensual sexual activity is allowed between members. 

Is nudity or sexual play expected from us?
Absolutely not!  Many of our members enjoy the erotic, social, and entertainment value of our parties, and never engage in any sexual play.  Everyone's right to express himself sexually or not is respected.  No one will pressure you or expect anything of you.  You set the rules for yourself.

What about food and alcohol?
We provide light snacks and munchies, as well as free sodas, juices and other mixers.  We do not serve alcohol and are not a BYOB club.  We do allow re-entry to the building, however. 

We are newbies.  What are the rules for such parties?
We have written a comprehensive set of rules and etiquette that we suggest EVERYONE read before attending our parties.  You can access them on our main site via this link:

Are there special rules for the BDSM play?
In addition to the rules we highly encourage you to read at the link in the above paragraph, there are just a couple of additional things to keep in mind when you are watching BDSM play in the dungeon.  While there is a complex and detailed protocol for those deeply involved in such play, all you need to know as an observer is two things: 1)  Don't touch without permission (this universal rule always applies!) and 2)  Save your questions and comments for the participants until after the scene (play) is complete, so as to not interrupt the scene.  It is totally OK to watch and observe.  Just don't crowd the participants (keep a respectful distance) and try not to interrupt them when they are "busy".  When the scene is completed, the Dominant partner will usually be happy to answer questions, and may even invite you to participate if you have an interest!

What if someone does not follow the rules?
We require that every member be 100% respectful of other members.  In the rare event that someone is aggreessive, rude or otherwise disruptive, that member shall be promptly removed from the premises, and his membership immediately and permanently revoked.  We promote a safe, fun, and respectful atmosphere for play, and do not tolerate those whose actions violate our philosophies.

What is the average age of folks at your parties?
Literally, we have all age groups, from 21-60.  Most couples are in their 30's and 40's, but many are younger or older.  Whatever your age group or preference, you are likely to find what you are seeking in our large and diverse group.

What kind of people attend?
In short, ALL KINDS!  Our parties are about inclusiveness and diversity.  All ages, races, fetishes, kinks, and persuasions.  We do not exclude anyone based on their demographics, interests, and orientations.  The beauty, strength, and unique appeal of our parties are due to the many lifestyle groups represented:  swingers, BDSM, and the fetish communities.

We are not into BDSM or fetishes.  Is this scene for us?
If you are close-minded and judgemental, this is NOT the place for you!  Many of our members in attendance are not, however, into the BDSM or fetish scene in any way.  Many are BDSM lifestylers.  But the majority of party-goers are ordinary folks who might be seen at a dance club in Buckhead, a swing club like Trapeze, or a fetish-theme night club like the now-defunct Chamber.  The point is that the party has a fetish THEME.  It is not a fetish-only event by any means.  The presence of some very interesting people doing very erotic and interesting things, makes for a very exciting and visually-stimulating night.  Even if you are brand new to the swinging or fetish scene, and have never been to anything like this before, you will find it a safe, comfortable, respectful, and entertaining environment.  We invite you to open your minds and give it a try.  You just might have the most interesting night of your life!

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