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Three decades of inspiration, deprivation, ecstacy, torture, spiritual obedience, and secular decadence have culminated in the publication of this website. Many of the poems herein have been previously published in various obscure literary venues. Many had never before been read by anyone. Some were never so intended. You are about to encounter not only a biographical body of poetic creation, but also experience the evolutionary, convoluted, and often contradictory soul of it's author.
Tread carefully: you may encounter the very same angels and demons you have unsuccessfully tried to exorcise or ignore in your own life.


Definitely demon.

The poems here are by a single author and have been arranged loosely by genre and subject matter rather than by chronology. Photographic images have been added to engage the reader's visual senses. Reading aloud, if possible, will inititate auditory sensations that will enhance and complete this experience.
Furthermore, this site is intended to be interactive through the responses and comments shared by its visitors, whether one-night stands or long-term partners. Links are provided to contact the poet if so desired.

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This site is continuously updated with new poetry or revisions of previous works. Stop by often for a new and different experience. Click the links below to go straight to the recently added poems.

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"An Ancient Orgasm" 11/15/08

"Agape Love" 11/13/08

"Intercorpse" 1-29-07

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Which side of you will prevail...the dark side...or the darker side?

DO NOT Enter This Site If....

**You are not an adult (in terms of maturity).

**You are looking for rap lyrics.

**You do not wish to be challenged.

**You consider greeting card verse to be art.

**You never heard of Yeats, Blake, or Poe.

**You do not wish to learn more about yourself (who could blame you?)

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You are obviously a curious and courageous traveler (or the "back" button on your browser is not working). Come inside and exchange some creative juices...


"Lyric Poetry?"

In short "lyric poetry" simply means that the inherent sounds and arrangement of the words are as important to the poem as the meanings of the words themselves. It should be a melodic or musical experience as well as a verbal one.

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Alright...Enough of the Hype and Melodrama...

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