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We the (kinky) people...




DEFINITION:  We are a Leather Household composed of kinky friends, playmates, and/or lovers who are committed to sharing and promoting our common interests, values and kinks, for the enjoyment and benefit of each individual, as well as the greater good of the Family.


CHARTER FAMILY MEMBERS:  Henceforth known as “charter members, founding members, or biological members,” the following individuals hereby agree to come together as the founders of the Family Pariah:  Brent , Andriana, Bruce, Alissa, and Autumn.


PATRIARCH:  Brent Bomber is hereby recognized as founding member and Patriarch of the Family Pariah.  The Patriarch is an honorary position, and the Patriarch is respected for his experience and leadership in the BDSM community and within the family.  The Patriarch should be consulted in matters of Family disputes or issues of Family direction and major decisions, but is not above any other family member in importance or when voting on Family issues.


MATRIARCH:  Andriana Santos is herby hereby recognized as founding member and Matriarch of the Family Pariah.  The Matriarch is an honorary position, and the Matriarch is respected for her experience and leadership in the BDSM community and within the family.  The Matriarch should be consulted in matters of Family disputes or issues of Family direction and major decisions, but is not above any other family member in importance or when voting on Family issues.


GEOGRAPHY:  Although the Family Pariah is formed by founding members currently residing in the Atlanta, Georgia area, it is the intended that the Family bonds created herein shall remain intact; even when and if Family members should relocate elsewhere, just as biological family ties in the vanilla world remain intact, even when family members are estranged by distance.


EXTRICATION FROM FAMILY:  Just as all founding and subsequent new Family members join the Family voluntarily, so may they leave on their own accord by formal announcement or defacto via abandonment.  In such cases, the Family will always offer continued concern and good wishes, and affection for such persons.  However, an extricated Family member shall no longer retain voting rights on any Family issues or decisions.


NEW BIRTHS:  New members may be “born” into the Family via recommendation of any founding or subsequent Family member.  Such nominees shall enter into an “incubation” period whereby they shall fellowship, play, dine, party, study, work, or otherwise interact with as many existing Family members as possible for a period of no less than six months.  After such period, Family membership may be granted to such persons via unanimous vote of the founding Family members.  If a petitioner is not approved via unanimous vote, but wishes to pursue membership, he or she may continue to interact with the Family and request a secondary vote after a period of an additional six months.  If denied admission to the Family a second time, a third and final vote may take place after an additional twelve month period.  If denied a third time, such an individual will be deemed ineligible for Family membership henceforth.


FAMILY MEETINGS:  It is intended that Family meetings will transpire one a month at a time and location most convenient to charter Family members.  Meetings will include discussions on Family business efforts, social events, personal concerns, and any issues of concern to participating members.  If present, the Patriarch or Matriarch will mediate such meetings.  All Family members, whether biological or subsequent, shall be given equal voice and equal voting rights on Family matters.  Only biological members may vote to approve new Family members, however.


FAMILY SOCIALS:  It is intended that Family members socialize together as much as possible.  In that spirit one day or night per week will be designated as an official “Family time,” wherein Family members will get together for fun, play and fellowship.  Family socials are open to all Family members, as well as any guests and friends who wish to join.  These times are a great opportunity for new prospective Family members to interact with and get to know existing Family members.


ORIENTATION:  Whether a dominant, submissive, switch, top, bottom, master, slave, or just kinkster-at-large, all kinks and orientations are welcome within the Family.  All Family members are considered equal in value and importance, regardless of their individual D/s roles or BDSM kinks.


VANILLA SOCIETY:  It is not the intention of the Family Pariah to remove itself from mainstream society.  Although we recognize the need and value for a support system within our kinky community, we also acknowledge the need to co-exist and involve ourselves in the vanilla world.  All Family members are encouraged to pursue whatever interests, endeavors and relationships they see fit, whether kinky or vanilla.


EXTRAFAMILIAL RELATIONSHIPS:  It is also recognized that Family members will and may freely pursue any social, sexual, business, or romantic relationships outside the family, and/or outside the kink community.  However, such extrafamilial relationships, even of a marital nature, shall not automatically constitute membership into the Family Pariah.  Any such additional members must be approved by the founding Family members as previously described.


FINANCIAL MATTERS:  There are no dues, fees or assessments for Family membership.  Each family member is expected to be financially responsible for his/herself.  No family member should expect to be supported financially be other members of the Family.  However, financial or other hardships, of any Family member are a concern to all members.  In that spirit, Family members do pledge to support and assist one another whenever possible, each according to his talents, resources, and abilities.  As with any vanilla family, there is individual responsibility, coincident with communal love, concern and support.

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