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Our Patriarch


Patriarch Brent brings to the family a wealth of varied experiences, including over 15 years in the swinging, fetish and BDSM scenes.  He considers himself a "sensual," or "erotic," Dom, with preferences for pleasureable and sexual play over more sadistic or pain-oriented scenes.  Brent is founder of Swinging Atlanta, the largest swingers party group in the state, with a membership of over 15,000.  He is also owns Studio Eris, a commercial dungeon and fet club that serves as spiritual home and primary play space for our family.
In his non-kinky life, Brent is a published poet, song-writer and author.  He covers the swinging and fetish scenes for local and regional publications in his columns and blogs.  As Patriarch, he brings a world of experience in the various lifestyle communities, a steady and wise guiding hand, and a loving and nurturing heart for all those around him.




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