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Core Values

CORE BELIEFS:  As individuals and as a Family, we subscribe to and promote the following beliefs and values.


  1. We believe in the value and worth of all humankind, whether inside or outside the Family.
  2. We believe in loyalty to all Family members, and respect to those inside or outside our Family.
  3. We will not attempt to grow our Family for the sole purpose of growth itself.  Rather we seek to add members only with whom we forge real and lasting social, emotional and personal bonds.
  4. We believe in the right of all adults to express themselves freely, socially and sexually, in the confines of our own private homes, businesses, and play spaces.  We believe no social, religious, or governmental agency should regulate such consensual expression between adults.  Furthermore, we believe that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States grants and guarantees such expression for us, as well as all other members of our society.
  5. We believe in being true to ourselves, living our lives consistent with our own core beliefs and nature, not based upon the dictates or demands of outside or external entities.
  6. We believe our lives are enriched by forming lasting social, emotional, romantic, and/or sexual bonds with other like minded individuals.  We strive to make these relationships long-term and meaningful.
  7. We accept and applaud diversity in all individuals, and acknowledge that the kinks and preferences of other people are just as valid as our own.
  8. We strive to be as open and honest with other Family members as possible, and to resolve our disagreements in the most timely and respectful manner possible.
  9. We endeavor to grow as individuals and as a Family, always striving to increase our knowledge, passion, ability to love, and spiritual capacity.
  10. We are proud of whom we are, eager to share our views with interested parties; but never inclined to press our beliefs on those who are contrary to our lifestyle.


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