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Who may attend your parties?
Any registered persons over 21 may receive our invitations and information.  Just sign-up, maintain a valid email address, and you will receive our invitations.  To attend our private parties and events, however, you will need to complete a membership application and purchase an annual membership (currently $10 per persom).  This can be done at the time you attend your first party or event.
Where are your parties held?
Our parties are held at established clubs, not small private locations, such as residences or motels, as is the case with some other swinger groups.  Our parties are massive events, not intimate gatherings.  Our invitations will specify what club or location will host that particular event.  Currently, all parties are being held in the Atlanta area.
When are your parties held?
We will hold at least one party a month.  Sometimes more.  In almost all cases they will be held on a Friday or Saturday night.
How much is the membership?
Joining the Swinging Atlanta mailing list is FREE.  Annual membership fees are $10 per Couple or per Single Male/Female.  You will need to purchase a membership at your first event.  We will have membership forms and cards at the door for you to fill in.  This membership will be good for one year.  Each party or event will also have a nightly member user fee. 
How much do the parties cost?
The nightly user fees charged at the door will vary according to the venue or event, as well as the night of the week.   All details will be outlined in your individual invitations.  As a member of Swinging Atlanta, however, you will receive admission at a substantial discount when we meet at certain established private club locations.  During our special events, your club membership will save you money at the door of some of Atlanta's top swinging venues!
How do I pre-pay for events?
Currently, we are offering $10 discounts on user fees for all who pre-pay for our Flesh and Fetish Ball user fees.  Just go to the Flesh and Fetish page, scroll all the way down to the small "Buy Now" button.  This will take you to a Paypal link.  You can also log into your Paypal account and send a payment directly to our email address (SwingingAtlanta@gmail.com).
Are single guys allowed at the parties?
Yes and no.  Some events will allow single men, some will not.  This gives our members who prefer only to party with couples the ability to do so, and our single male members a chance to join in the fun on other occasions.  Of course, single ladies are special--and always welcome ;-)
What are the rules for the parties?
We have written some common sense, and generally accepted rules for swinger etiquette.  We suggest you take the time to read them, especially if you are a single male or a couple new to the lifestyle.  These rules will be enforced at all our parties, as well as any additional rules predicated by house management.  If you do not like these rules, please do not come to our parties!  Violators will be removed from our happy group!
How do I get my invitations?
Just maintain a valid email address with our group.  If you change your email without notifying us--you won't get your invitation, will you?  Make sure to check you bulk mail to ensure that our invite is not lost admist all the ads for viagra and penis enlargement!
What if I want to bring some friends?
We encourage you to invite your friends to our events--any people whom you feel are open-minded, respectful, and not offended by sexuality!  Each friend must become a member to attend events, however, just as you did.  Some events, held at certain locations, require advance registration to get member discounts. If they just show up at the door unannounced, they may be able to purchase a membership, but they may not get the group discount!  No exceptions will be made for this policy at the door, so make sure they sign-up first!
I/We are relatively new to swinging.  Will we fit in?
Absolutely!  Many of our members are seasoned swingers.  Many are not.  It is perfectly fine to attend our parties for the dancing, music, food and beverage, and flirtatious fun that is always there.  You do not have to have sex with anyone to fit in with our crowd!  If you do want sex, however, we are certain that some of our other members will accomodate you ;-)
Is sexual activity allowed at your parties?
Does a kitty purrrrrrr?  Because our parties are private club affairs, nudity and  sexual activities often occur between consenting members.  If you are new to the scene, expect to see lots of sexual play (and be sure to read our rules).  Remember, however, that sexual play is ALLOWED.  IT IS NOT EXPECTED OR REQUIRED.  Swinging is about freedom and choice.  The freedom to express yourself sexually, or the choice not to do so!
Is sexual activity expected from us?
See above...think we covered that pretty well.  It is an important concern for many new members, however, so worth re-stating:  Nope!
I/We are not supermodels.  Will we fit in?
You may not fit in those size 2 pants, but you will still fit in with us!  You will see many stunning and beautiful people at our parties.  You will also see the same average-looking folks you see at the super market.  Attitude, personality, and charm will make you more friends--and get you laid more often--than just a good body; although good bodies are a good thing too!
What ages will I find at your parties?
More so than any other type of party, swinger parties attract a wide cross-section of age groups, roughly everyone from 21-60.  Most couples are likely to be in their 30's or 40's.  Some will be younger, some older.  Since you will be partying with a lot of other people, finding others in your age group should be no problem.
I am a single guy.  Will your parties guarantee that I get laid?
Absolutely not!  Our parties will offer you that POSSIBILITY, not that guarantee.  If you want guaranteed sex, go to the ATM, take out $300, and call an escort!  The female members (attached or single) at our parties are not whores.  They are sexy and flirtatious ladies who play (or not) when and with whom they choose.  Again, we strongly suggest you read the rules and etiquette section in its entirety!
What should I/We wear to your parties?
Dress to impress, and impress sexy!  Men should wear business casual attire, or hip clubbing shirts with nice slacks.  Do not show-up in ragged jeans, a white T-shirt, or sneakers.  We won' t let you in!  Ladies, here is your chance to wear the sexiest items in your wardrobe!  Because we party in licensed swinger locations, feel free to be as bare as you dare.  If it will get you arrested on the streets, then it will be a hit on our dance floors!  In many cases, after a few hot music sets, and a few stiff drinks, those skimpy clothes will be coming off anyway!
Is alcohol served at your parties?
It depends on the venue.  Some parties will be BYOB.  Some will not serve any alcohol.  Again, your invitations will provide all details.
What about food?
All our current locations serve some food, from appetizers to full buffets.  Your invitations will once again provide more detail.  Come hungry for food, fun, and fornication!  Swinging Atlanta parties will satiate them all!
What is the meaning of life?
We have no frickin' clue!  We do know, however, that life is more fun if our swinging parties are a part of it.  Get the message?