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We are proud to present the return of hotel parties in Atlanta!
( Scroll dall the way down for details on our upcoming hotel takeover parties!)

In over fifteen years since our inception, Swinging Atlanta is the largest and most active swingers group in Georgia.  Currently, we have over 26,000 local members and are still growing rapidly!
We have created and hosted the best club parties this past year, at the best and most prestigious clubs in the area.  Now, we are proud to announce that in addition to our club parties, we are also offering the opportunity for our members to meet, greet and party at some of Atlanta's best hotels.  Yes, Atlanta...hotel parties are back...sexier, and hotter than ever, as only Swinging Atlanta can do them!

All members on our mailing list will receive invitations with detailed information regarding each hotel party (be sure to check your spam folders!)  Cost, hotel location, check in times, etc. will be spelled-out in the invites.  If you are not already on our list, add yourself with the form below (21 and up only):

Please refer to your invitations for specific information relevant to each event.  Below are some general guidelines concerning the nature of our hotel parties.  Remember, the rules for our hotel parties may be very different from the rules regarding our club parties!  Please read and familiarize yourself with this information before attending!

1.  The basic guidelines of respect for others wishes, no touching without permission, and "no means no" ALWAYS apply, no matter what venue.  Please refer to the FAQ and Party Rules and Etiquette pages on this site for more information.
2.  Our hotel parties will cater to couples and single ladies.  We will only admit a select few single gentleman, typically no more than 5%.  All single ladies will continue to be admitted free, as we encourage as many ladies to attend as possible ;-)  If you are a single male and wish to attend a hotel party, you will have to pre-pay and be pre-approved for the event--no exceptions.  Refer to the invitations for more details.
3.  Couples may prepay via paypal (SwingingAtlanta@gmail.com) for discount admission, or pay in cash at the door.  No credit cards will be accepted at the door for party fees.  All attendees will also need a Swinging Atlanta membership.  Memberships are $10 for one year, and membership fees will be included in your first party.  All members and attendees must be 21!  Be sure to bring your ID verifying your age--no exceptions.
4.  Upon arrival, you must check in with the Group hostess(es) and obtain an appropriate wristband.  No one will be given party access, or access to the hotel floor party rooms without a wristband.
5.  The social/dance will take place in the hotel ballroom.  After the ballroom closes, the party will move to the members hotel rooms and hospitality suite.
6.  IMPORTANT:  Unlike our on-premise club parties, NO NUDITY AND SEXUAL ACTIVITY will take place in the ballroom, hotel lobby, halls, elevators, or any other public or semi-public areas!  What goes on in private hotel rooms and suites is nobody's business, but it is important that all members exercise discretion in other parts of the hotel, as other guests will be staying in the hotel besides our group!  Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate removal from the property with no refund or recourse.
7.  DRESS CODE:  We are booking nice hotels.  Dress accordingly, and dress to impress!  No jeans, T-shirts, athletic wear, etc.  Ladies, we encourage you to dress as sexy and wild as you dare.  However, please remember to bring an appropriate cover-up to wear in the hotel lobby and hallways.  We want to see your "goodies," but not in the public areas ;-)
8.  GENERAL CONDUCT:  We require respectful conduct at all our events.  At the hotel parties, it is particularly important that our members do not create a nuisance for the hotel.  That includes keeping the party in appropriate places, and being mindful of noise levels throughout the night.  We want you to have lots of sexy fun, but we also want to be good guests for our host hotel.  Common sense and common courtesy, along with moderation concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages, should ensure that we have safe, fun, and sexy parties, without disturbing non-member guests of the hotel.
9.  RESERVATIONS:  Make your room reservations directly with the hotel, and reserve your room early!  Usually all you need is a credit card number, so there is no reason to wait.  We have negotiated special group rates.  YOU MUST STATE THAT YOU ARE WITH THE SWINGING ATLANTA GROUP, so that you will get the group rate AND BE BOOKED ON THE FLOOR WITH OUR OTHER GROUP MEMBERS.  Obviously, we want our members to be booked in adjoining rooms whenever possible.  If you do not book early, you may end up staying in another part of the hotel.
10.  NON-OVERNIGHT GUESTS:  You do not have to book a room to be admitted to the party.  While much of the fun for this type of event does take place in the individual rooms, those members who do not wish to book a room can still attend the ballroom party and after party in the hospitality suite and party floor.  Room reservations and payments should be made directly to the hotel.  Party fees can be pre-paid to Swinging Atlanta, or paid at the entrance to the party ballroom.  Remember, we cannot accept credit cards for admission to the party!  Advance payments can be made via paypal, and will entitle the member to a discounted rate.  See the party invite for complete info.