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Swinging Atlanta is a private social club, formed to promote the swinging lifestyle in the hottest, safest, most fun venues in Metropolitan Atlanta.  While many other private groups, clubs, and parties do exist, many cater only to the select few who fit their restrictive profiles.
Our criteria for membership is simple:
1)  You must be over 21.
2)  You must be open-minded and respectful.
3)  You must live in (or travel to) Georgia and/or Metro Atlanta.
4)  You must become a member by completing our application, purchasing a membership, and accepting our waiver, rules of conduct, and club by-laws prior to your first event.
Does this sound like you?
If so, you are our kind of swinger.  And Swinging Atlanta is for you!
By opening our membership to a larger, more diverse cross-section of the swinging community, we ensure huge turn-outs at our events, as well as substantial savings to our members vs. what swing clubs charge non-members!
Better parties.  More swingers.  More fun.....And lower member admission fees....
Can you think of any reason NOT to join ?????????????????????????


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Swinging Atlanta: The Hottest Swingers Parties in Georgia and Metro Atlanta!