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Here is where you can add yourself to our central party guest lists on SDC and SLS.  If you do not have an SDC or SLS account, click on the link below and you will need to set up a FREE account.  It takes less than five minutes, and there is no cost.  Once your account is set up, scroll through the event pages and add yourself to the Swinging Atlanta parties that you might wish to attend.
Click buttons below to go to the SDC and SLS Websites and Guest Lists...

Swingers Date Club Logo
Swingers Date Club Logo

Swingers: www.SwingLifeStyle.com

These are intended to be our main guest lists, but will not be comprehensive, as we post our events on literally dozens of other sites as well.
Remember, RSVP's are NOT required to attend most of our events (boat and mansion parties are exceptions). But we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE everyone to sign up for our parties on SDC and SLS so that other members can see who is planning to attend!