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Since this is sunch a common question, we have posted some guidelines below to help answer it for all our new attendees....

1.  We do not have a dress code per se.  Some people dress up, some dress down, some dress very sexy, and some are more conservative.  Wear whatever makes you feel COMFORTABLE AND SEXY.

2.  If you choose to dress very sexy (and we hope you do) remember to cover-up in public areas such as hotel lobbies and parking lots.  Inside the club and party space ANYTHING GOES!

3.  A simple rule of thumb for men and women is to dress as you would for any sexy nightclub...only more risqué IF you are so inclined.

4.  For THEMED PARTIES (such as School Girls, 80's Night, Western, or whatever), themed attire is encouraged, but NEVER REQUIRED.  It can be more fun to dress in theme, but your "regular" club attire is fine too.

5.  LOCKERS:  We do have self-service lockers at the Loft.  Bring your own lock.  Most of our members come already dressed in their party clothes, but you may change at the club if you so desire.

6.  GENERAL ADVICE:  Dress sexy and look good!  Although you may dress as plainly as you wish, our parties are an opportunity to feel sexy and look your best.  Let your inner sexiness shine through.  Looking good is always in style!