Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2005.

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"Dancing with My Lover in The Moonlight"

Her physical form...

She dances as a dervish in the desert,
Possessed by ancient spirits once accursed,
She's seeking an oasis of expression,
Satiating ancient primal thirsts.
Her spirit looms above her rhythmic body,
Now freed from its own residential form.
She writhes and sways and plays in epic splendor,
Destined from the day that she was born.
She dances closer as my eyes betray me,
Her naked body disappears and then,
I sense her soul inside me as I touch her,
I feel her whirl within me as I spin.
I never thought this life would bring such visions.
I never thought Nirvana came this way.
But every time she dances in the moonlight,
The world, and time, and I, all fade away.

A Closed Soul...

"Undressing Your Mind"

She's Open to Me Now...

I watched through your windows,
As you let your shaded wrappings fall,
Straight to the carpet,
Lying at your feet, exposing all.
My mind and my pulse soared,
Watching as you paused in silent grace.
Such moments are priceless,
In this world of swift and mindless pace.
I opened your window,
So that I could touch the same soft place,
I saw from the outside,
When you stripped for me and showed your face.
I stared in your eyes then,
As you stood--the only naked mind,
I have yet witnessed--
The only undressed soul I'll ever find.



I have seen the face of ecstacy,
Bursting forth in epidermal manifestation,
Exploding on your radiant surface,
As endorphine-driven fireworks on a backdrop of night.
I have heard the moans of ecstacy,
Ushered forth in operatic culmination,
Flowing free from frothing lip-syncs,
As crescendo-laden sonnets on pillows of white.
I have tasted fruits of ecstacy,
Succulent in pelvic-writhing, wet gyrations,
Running as a raging river,
Just before the waterfall releases it from its fight.
I have felt the heart of ecstacy,
Beating hard in temporal exhilaration,
Pulsing with life's very essence,
In orgasmic fits of passion, in your arms wrapped so tight.

"Two Sisters"

Two Sisters

I came across two sisters,
Their names were Day and Night.
The one it seems was wholly wrong,
The other holy right.

I shunned the darker sister
For fear of what I'd find
While golden rays of summer haze
Danced softly through my mind.

I opened wide my virgin heart
And begged her soul come in,
Not knowing that the evil one
Was her fraternal twin.

And knowing not what I know now,
That dusk and dawn are same,
And that a giving, open heart
Is but a viper's game.

Now sunlight burned and having learned,
I spare myself the fight
And live in empty certainty
With ladies of the night.

"Resisting the Quince"

Resisting the Quince

Your eyes are toxic poison green glass,
Greener than jealousy, older than emeralds,
Newer than grass.

Your eyes are windows, wide open gates
Drawing my soul in,
Sealing my fate.

Your mouth is hungry, starving for meat,
Poised to devour me--nothing excites me like
Watching you eat!

Your face is myriad--I'll never know
Which one will capture me, which one will come with me,
Which one will go.

Your voice is master--dictate my scripts.
I can't refuse commands, I won't resist demands
Pushed through those lips.

Your prey is vanquished, trembling for death.
One look is all it takes, one word a murder makes--
One taste of breath!

"Seduction of a Vampire"

Seduction of a Vampire

I seek your fluids, but not your blood.
Instead creative juices tempt me,
Well-up within me, internal floods
Of thirst--transfusions for the empty.

I seek your passion, but not your love.
I lurk to pluck it from your bossom,
Wrap it around me, tight as a glove--
A rose forevermore to blossom.

I seek your sorrow, but not your pain.
I seek to feel you, not to fix you--
Languish in anguish,protest in vain--
My soul enjoins and contradicts you.

I seek your silence, but not your voice.
Swing wide your ancient guarded portal;
I bring not dictum, instead a choice--
A gift to render you immortal!

"Head Game"

Head Games

I've watched the strippers do their dances,
Five to ten-dollar romances.
I seek at length just once to find
Pure nakedness of soul and mind.

I've wrestled hours while disrobing
Every nook 'til prying, probing,
Penetrating hands uncovered
A fully armored mental lover.

I've waded floods of stoic tears,
While trying to escape the fears
That chase and haunt you, waste and taunt you--
Creeds of bleeding silent dogma.

I'd split your skull if I could do it,
Pry it open, climb into it,
Just to face what lurks inside
The place where all your thoughts reside.

I'd carve your heart and eat it raw,
To glean what God and Satan saw,
As they wagered for your conscience--
Creation made you, or did science?

Great danger lies in love if sexual--
The risk of bodies ineffectual.
Yet offer I more lethal notions--
Be my lover intellectual!

"Lipstick Sisters"

Lipstick Sisters

Lipstick sisters spurn their misters,
Each the other's secret mistress.
Cheek to cheek, breast to breast,
Friends they are, indeed friends best.

Lipstick sisters locate pleasures,
Pandora's box is ripe with treasures!
Mouths much softer than the gents'
Retrace the paths of lipstick prints.

Lipstick sisters, smooth and sexy
Mesmerize and yet perplex me--
Any man though who has seen them
Gladly would expire between them.

"Tasting You"

Tasting You

Your pulse is my passion,
Your passion, my pleasure.
My tongue will engorge your
Sweet clitoral treasure.
I'll bathe you in waters,
Of warm oral lusting.
In every recess of,
Your body so trusting.
Spread open your gateway,
To my fleshy feast.
Prepare to surrender,
Your wet, untamed beast.
Thrust-up and inspire me,
With soft, breathless moaning.
I'll press even deeper,
Devouring and groaning.
Clinch onto my neck as
I taste number seven.
Keep going and flowing,
As I lick you to heaven.


(Based upon a legend of the Carolina Lowlands...)

Plat-eye: Carolina lowland legend

What lurid evil lingers in the lowland,
Slicing through the saline sawgrass?
Rattling saber apparition?
Guilt empowered superstition?
Or is it just the breeze?

What rising voice annoys my best convictions,
Wedges through my shuttered entry,
Creeps upon my very pillow,
Kisses me as soft as willow?
I know she's come to please.

My chamber door blows open like a casket,
Silence falls, she finds me naked.
"Why," I plead? She never answers.
Perversness only makes us dancers
As into her I ease.

My lover, spirit-sucking,leaching lover
Yet another soul you've plundered!
Plat-eye comes when least expected,
Drawn to weakness self-erected,
And carried by the breeze--
Or is it just the breeze?


"Kiss of Impotence"

Whose lips loom silent as silky cirrus shillouettes
Soaring high in cold omnipotence,
Snowing soft, should a kiss commence,
That sends this blizzard of frozen, frigid,imageous regrets?

Whose voice then whispers as passioned partners sense a guest,
Lying low between our lovers' grips?
"Stranger leave," she says. The passion slips.
Who else can pleasure as once I wrapped him in my breast?

Whose face, whose figure is always found in every love
Fool enough to slide beneath my sheet?
Hers, of course, and should perchance we meet,
Discount my motions of throbbing romance brazen as the sun!

For should she come as balm or acid,
Alas, at length, she leaves me flacid.

Kiss of Impotence