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Inane responses to mundane requests

This page is not copyrighted because it is worthless crap.

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Are all these poems the work of the same poet?

Yes. Although it is o.k. with me if you would like to pretend that only the good poems are written by me and the crappy ones were submitted by aliens.

What about the photos?

Many were taken by me with my Olympus digital camera or scanned from my old personal photos. The rest were used with the permission of the photographer and/or downloaded from sites advertising the free use of their photos for this type of site. If you should see a photo that is yours and has not been authorized for such use, e-mail me and I will remove it promptly with sincere apologies.

Can I copy certain poems and use them in my own publications or websites?

All materials herein are copyrighted by the author. However, feel free to reprint my poems in non-profit or educational publications or use them on your website. Just provide a proper credit (and a link would be nice if a website) and e-mail me so I can enjoy seeing my work filter into new venues. If you put my words on a coffee mug, however, and sell a million of the suckers, I will expect a fat-ass check along with your letter of thanks.

Do you exchange links?

Is a rhinoceros horny? You can add your own link on the links page then e-mail me with the URL of your reciprocal link. All sites (not just poetry sites) are welcome except sites than contain material (such as naked pictures!) not appropriate for this platform (You can e-mail me all your inappropriate material privately and it will be our little secret ;)

Do you ever critique other poetry?

While I have received many such requests to do so, I have politely refused for two reasons. Firstly, I simply do not have the time at this point in my life (I still have to work for a living). Secondly, I feel that critiquing poetry itself is a dangerous proposition. Who am I to say how valid or relevant your personal revelations and expressions are? Ultimately posterity will be the judge, not me.

Does that mean you won't be holding any poetry contests at this site?

You are very perceptive. However, if you still insist on participating in such nonsense, go ahead and send me a hundred bucks and a poem of no more than twenty lines. I promise never to read it, to cash the check as soon as possible, and to pronounce you the winner of my non-existent contest!

Do you ever post other poets' works at this site?

Hell, it's taken me twenty years to get my own work on line! I just don't have the time to publish others as of yet. I may work with other poets in the future. But it will likely be on a new and different site.

Do you ever just answer a question directly, without any smart-ass commentary?


When did you start writing poetry?

When I was about seven I published my first poem in the local county newspaper. See, that was a rather straightforward response, wasn't it?

When do you plan to stop writing poetry?

When they pry my cold, dead fingers from around my pen! Sorry, an NRA window just popped-up on my screen.

What are your other interests?

Songwriting, reading great traditional poets, and SCA combat are three of my best interests. My three worst are none of your business!

Who are your three favorite dead poets?

Easy--Blake, Yeats and Poe.

Who are your three favorite living poets?

Same answer. Those three guys are still more powerful from the grave today than all the beatnik poets and coffehouse angst-spouting rappers in the world combined.

Do you ever do public readings?

In addition to my upcoming Eastern European and Japanese tours with Metallica, I do occassional readings at Metro Atlanta bookstores and coffeehouse-like establishments. Likewise, I will do an occassional out-of-state gig when logistically and financially feasible. E-mail me if your group or organization is so desperate for entertainment that you would consider buying me a bus ticket.

Are you quite finished?


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