Lyric Poet
Love 2

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2005.

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"She Walks (As I Watch Through My Window)"

My Lover in The Garden

Sometimes she's an apparition,
Floating in my midnight garden,
There in my peripheral vision,
As I sense her spirit harden.
Sometimes she's a corpse of feelings,
Dead to me, in shrouded splendor,
Cold to all my warm appealings,
Deaf to every plea I render.
Sometimes I reach out to hold her,
Just to find she's not quite there.
With my passion surging bolder,
I reach for her and grasp but air.
Sometimes she's an apparition,
Ghostly love I'll never capture;
Yet in this surreal condition,
I remain in total rapture.

"I Do Not Wish to Love You"

Love's Black Hole

I do not wish to love you.
I never want to lose control;
Yet, every time I taste your breath,
I slide into your soul's black hole.
I do not wish to love you.
Your love is fodder for my feet!
Yet, every time I find your door,
I lose myself beneath your sheet.
I do not wish to love you.
Your plan is evil, cold and cruel:
To kill my will with one soft glance,
Reduce me to this love-struck fool.
I do not wish to love you;
But wish to lose you even less.
Love with you is filled with risks,
But losing you is emptiness.

Purgatory Girl

"Purgatory Girl"

I met a purgatory girl sublime,
And stared into her open, longing face.
Her body moved as swift as light in space,
Her heart stood deathly still in time.
I kissed this purgatory girl one night,
Extracting all her wanton spirit's breath.
I ate her fear and pain and temporal death,
And sent her frozen soul to flight.
She rose above her hallowed hellish home,
And soared with me to heaven's very gate.
She looked below, then fell fast earthward straight,
Back to the place where lost souls roam.
I pray my purgatory girl just this:
Please scale those silent, self-stood prison walls,
And hear my voice, or God's, or Satan's call--
For even hell beats nothingness.

"A Doe Upon My Lawn"


She glides upon my midnight lawn,
Soft and silent as a frightened fawn.
Her eyes are wide, her ears alert,
Poised to flee from any sign of dawn.
She's swiftly fleet upon her feet,
She's always run, just before defeat.
She simply stays and laughs and plays,
Disappearing in the morning heat.
I tried one night to thwart her flight--
I sat watching, as she grazed upon my lawn.
I threw a rope of love and hope,
But I missed, and quickly she was gone.
I sit here now in constant doubt,
Wondering if she ever will return.
I groom my grass as decades pass,
Frustrated, from lessons too-late learned.
If I per chance should see her dance,
Just once more here, in this midnight light,
I'll hold my hand and still my voice,
And let her graze unnoticed through the night.

"Spending Time with You"

Time stands still when I'm with you.

It is easy to love you forever,
It is harder to leave you one day.
It is simple to hold you in reverence,
So much harder to push you away.
With you time has no meaning or value,
In your arms it stands literally still.
I'm afraid that we won't have enough time,
And intrigued that we probably will.
I am slain by your long, longing glances;
It's a death that I pray for and crave,
As you kiss me and transfer your sweet breath,
I arise from this pain-induced grave.
I'm amazed that you even exist here,
On this earth, on this plane, in this time;
Yet, your body is temporally sent here,
And your soul is eternally mine.

"Eternal Bouquet"

Eternal Boquet

On the day that they were married,
He gave to her a rose boquet.
He promised her that, like his love,
They'd never wilt or fade away.
Thus their love bloomed bright with passion,
As fragrant as her fresh-washed hair.
And every night, when he came home,
He brought one rose and placed it there:
Upon their bed, or on her pillow,
So she could see before she'd sleep,
How much he loved his blossom-bride!
(His gestures often made her weep).
Mornings came as she'd awaken,
And place the bloom in her boquet,
And ferret-out the weakest one,
And throw it reverently away.
"Each new bloom is love renewed,
Each dying one will represent
A hurtful word between us passed
That quickly fades as rage is spent".
Thus he wrote the anniversary
Of their first, most blissful year.
Then thirty more went swiftly past,
As they grew closer every year.
Then one day, it finally happened,
The flower shop was closed and locked,
Thus he came home without a rose,
And blamed her for this maddening shock.
So she slept without her flower,
And woke with no stale bloom to pick.
He promised her he'd bring her two,
But she'd already fallen sick.
He searched in vain, as she lay dying,
To find the faded, brittle bloom.
He franticly replaced them all--
She wilted in her rose-filled room.
On the day that she was buried,
He gave to her a rose boquet.
He promised her that like his love,
They'd never wilt or fade away.
Now he goes each night to visit,
With rose in hand, her fragrant grave.
He weeds his heart and soul of rage,
'Til he can join her there one day.

"Stroking Your Hands"

Stroking Your Hand

In your arms,
I have found a place that I have never known.
In your heart,
I have entered worlds where I have grown and flown.
In your face,
I have seen a dream come true that thrills my mind.
In your eyes,
I have found the path to God I could not find.
In your dreams,
I will hold you close and near until the dawn.
In your fears,
I will hold you closer still 'til they are gone.
In your life,
I will be the one who always understands.
In the end,
I will be the one who softly strokes your hands.

"When Your Head Rests Upon My Shoulder"

Your Soft Head...

When your head rests upon my shoulder,
My world stops.
Time stands still--I will get no older,
Frozen in this momentary bliss,
I can't speak, as emotions smolder.
When your hand brushes cross my fingers,
I can't move.
In a trance, my soul softly lingers,
In a place, before this world was formed,
Where we slept, perfect silent dreamers.
When your face lies upon my pillow,
Heaven sighs.
As you breathe fragrant exhaled billows,
Bathing in your mesmerizing breath,
I expire, softly as a willow.



I will never let your soul slip in your abyss.
I will hold you in my arms, and lock you in my kiss.
I will never let you drown,underneath your fears.
I will take your hand in mine,and hold it through the years.
I will take you to a place,where peace and light abound.
I will teach you of a love,that few have ever found.
I will build a house for you by placid, flowing streams.
I will furnish it with love, and all your favorite dreams.
We will live there blissfully, and dance nude in the sun.
We will dine on happiness,and laughter, smiles and fun.
Satan's spell is broken there, your spirit is unbound.
God created your lost soul, but home at last you've found.

"New Love"

New Love

"She says that it's just new love,
That it will never last.
Romance is but a fleeting phase,
That fades and falters fast".
Thus said the old man waiting,
With roses in his hand,
To the young wife there in line,
At some old flower stand.
"She says that I'll grow tired of
The same old dull routine,
And find myself another gal,
Perhaps one who's nineteen!"
The young girl smiled and giggled,
"She's lucky to have you--
A man who brings her fresh bouquets,
Like mine will never do".
"So how long has this 'new' love,
Been burning with you two?
And what's a girl like me to do,
To find a man like you?"
"It's been about twelve months now,
Since I have been with her".
"Oh, wow, that is a new romance,
I thought much more for sure".
"Well, actually for fifty years,
Give or take a few,
I've brought her flowers every month,
To keep our romance new".
"Now I'm confused," she questioned,
"I thought you said one year".
"A year," he said, "she's lived above,
And fifty, she lived here".
"The flowers then are for her grave,"
She asked somewhat aghast?
"Not bad for just a new love,
She said would never last".