Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2001.

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"sub missive"

sub gina

I will bind you with My contract, wrap you in My arms,
Please you with My contact, own you with My charms.
I will seal you with My markings, store you on My shelf,
Free you from all dark things, save you from yourself.

I will find you in My presence, lose you in My midst,
Breed you for My peasants, clench you in My fist.
I will show you what you don't know, reshape what you do,
I will take you where you won't go, take you black and blue.

I will ask you but for one thing, give you nothing less,
Break you down to nothing, then destroy the rest.
What remains is pure submission, freely offered Me,
In these chains of precondition, slave for life ye be!

"small traveler"

"Walk toward the light..."

Far below His lofty distant perch, she travels,
Down a darkened, stony, lonely lane,
Unaware He charts her every move, she ambles
On small feet, well-bruised and fraught with pain.

From above He calls out in His voice--she listens,
Hears her name born softly in the breeze.
Still, she waits, then moves her feet again, now faster,
Trembling in her soul and in her knees.

Once again she stumbles and she falls--she lies there,
Terrified to sleep until the dawn.
Morning comes, her naked soul awakes, then panics,
Reaches for a robe, then puts it on.

Hiding still beneath the spreading oaks, she wonders
If she'll ever bask in open air and light,
Or alone, she's doomed to shrink in shame and sorrow,
Shaded by the hues of wrong and right.

Then at once, the limbs above her part, in reverence,
Sunlight floods her face, as does His voice.
In her heart, she knows the time has come for her to
Take His hand, or faint, that is her choice.