Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

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"A Vampire's Anguish"

I am a vampire, a demon, a being immortal,

I live and I laugh at the edge of death’s portal.

I am a Noble, a Master, a Man of great power,

The sum of your lifetime, I drink in an hour.


I am a lover, collector, of great things of beauty,

To own them, to drain them, is my highest duty.


I had a lover, a young girl, a princess incarnate,

I loved more than living; yet death was her cold fate.


I claimed another, another, and then even more wives,

Yet, all whom I have loved, I watched death claim their lives.


So once I decided, a vampire, my next love, she would be,

A monster eternally cold, to be with me.


We lived for centuries, in passion, not one night in separate,

Until some old priests came, and staked her sweet dead heart.


I lay beside her, asleep, my powers diminished,

And felt death once more, as our love they finished.


This gift immortal, this curse, brings nothing but sorrow,

For with each new love, there comes death with tomorrow.


I’ve missed my lovers, my dear girls, for hundreds of years,

Long gone are they all—not these vampiric tears.


To be immortal, to live, is the worst death of all,

It means I must watch, as my true loves all fall.


"Vampire Inverse"

I reach for your neck, and smell your sweet blood,

I kiss every inch of your elegant face,

I seek to extract, not your fluids in fact,

I seek only this, your life to replace.


My fangs pierce your skin, you faint in my arms,

The blood trickles-in, you swoon as my muse,

I own you intact, every part of your soul,

And thus I must now, your spirit transfuse.


I come not to feed, not to rape or destroy,

I come to restore all your glory and light,

To suck out the pain, all the evil I eat,

And give you my love, eternally bright.


I know not how much, of this poison I taste,

Yet I must consume, and now dine my own death,

Yet that matters not, as I ingest each bite,

And purify you, with my very last breath.


When you should awake, and find me grown cold,

Weep not my true love, for though I depart,

Immortal am I, here in your blood and flesh,

Forever I am, in your beating heart.

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