Lyric Poet

Poetry by Brent Futo

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2001.

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"The Gift"

Pay per view

"Reverend, what's the bond between
The brilliant people you have seen?"
"Profound thoughts must be the link
Binding all these souls, I think".

"What about creative men,
What's the same in all of them?"
"Amazing, it just came to me!
Inspiration, don't you see?"

"How about the sensitive,
The ones too close to God to live?"
"Forgive my tears, I have a notion
That these are blessed with pure emotion".

"I'm feeling better, not as frightened.
What defines the most enlightened?"
"Simply understanding, son.
I understand you're here for some?"

"Yes that's true, before I leave,
I'd like to all these gifts receive".
"Of course, but first we have a date
With our beloved collection plate".

"But preacher, I'm completely broke.
What distinguishes poor folk?"
"That's easy son, I'll be quite candid--
They always leave here empty-handed!"



Every vision has a price,
Every dream a lofty cost.
A mortal's views on paradise,
If not obtained, but never lost,
Produce nirvana not-so-nice,
For those who bear the holocaust.



Four spirits applied to the heavenly gate,
The portal of each traveler's ultimate fate,
Each seeking to enter, to dwell there within,
In spite of a previous history of sin.

"Dear Sir, I beseech thee, do let me come in,
For my heart is clean, a true virgin of sin.
No devious deed hath these hands ever done,"
Thus ordered the spirit of soul number one.

A great voice responded beyond the great gate,
"A man without truth is a man whom I hate.
As sure as thy mouth hath convicted thee, liar,
This day shall it taste of the truth of My fire!"

Next shivered the spirit of soul number two,
As he self-debated as what he should do,
"Dear God, please have mercy on this wicked soul,
For Thou hath the power to render it whole!"

"On fearful and desperate knees hath ye crawled,
Yet not once before on My name hath ye called.
I knew thee not then when thy knee would not bow,
Therefore I reject thee--I know thee not now!"

"My God, Thou dost know me, I paid thee great tithe,
For my every sin whilst I were alive.
Forget not my giving; forget Thou not me!"
Thus pleaded the spirit of the soul number three.

"Indeed do I know thee and shall not forget,
The pennies ye offered for thy spiritual debt.
Great riches, however, cannot purchase breath,
As sure as thy selfishness purchased thy death!"

Then came time to speak for the soul number four,
Who witnessed the fall of the three gone before,
No eloquent speeches could this tongue afford,
He spoke only this, "Praise my God and my Lord!"

"Arise and embrace me, my well-wearied son,
Thy perilous journey indeed is now done.
Our meetings, however, are more than a few;
For my face you encountered, more than you knew".

"A time when you barely were more than a child,
You cared for and loved me, a bird of the wild.
Another when I was a sickly old man,
You sat in attendance while others just ran.
Again when I hungered at death's very brink,
You fed and attired me and brought me cool drink.
And lest I forget, when I owed you a debt,
You cast not around me a strangling net--
You offered forgiveness instead of a threat".

"It's so good to see you and hold you again.
How could I rebuke you for living in sin,
When you loved and nurtured me all of these ways?
Rejoice and embrace me this glorious day!"

Copyright Brent Futo 1980-2001.