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Another renaissance in the life of the Poet

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"From a Distance"


From a distance, I can never wrap you in my arms,

Squeeze away your pain, shelter you from harm.

From a distance, I can never gaze into your eyes,

Wipe away the tears, as your spirit cries.


From a distance, I can never reach your sighing soul,

Exorcise your ghosts, purge your spirit whole.

From a distance, I can never taste your lips and breath,

Breathe life into you, forestall even death!


From a distance, I can never love you quite as much,

As I’m doomed to do, since our skin first touched.

From a distance, I can never whisper in your ear,

All the words you crave, but will never hear.


From a distance, I can never know if grief has passed,

If your heart be free, from its grasp at last.

From a distance, I can only sit in solitude,

Praying for your peace, wondering what to do.

"Alie in Chains"


In a place, in a time, far away and sublime,

Lived a girl, blond of curls, blue of eyes, lips of wine.

In a castle sat she, overlooking the sea,

Safe from all injury, save her own misery.


Many suitors would call, there beneath this stone hall,

Swim her moat, scale her wall, then to death quickly fall.

From above, chained from love, by her guilt and her fears,

So she cried, as they died, one by one through the years.


Yet one day, some strange way, one man climbed to the top,

Face to face, in her place, brave and bold, there he stopped!

“You’re the first to survive; yet you find me in chains,”

So said she.  Answered he, “Thus I bring you this key”.


In his hand, this young man, held a skeleton key,

Yet when tried, both they cried-- it did not set her free.

“Kiss me then,” he began, as he held her fair face,

“Only love can release such cruel bonds pain doth place”.


Thus they kissed, in true bliss; yet her bonds still enforced,

By the pain in her chains, forged by years of remorse,

Would not break, or release; so enslaved she remained,

Not to love, or to him, but to crippling pain.


“Not enough, is a kiss, to remove such a curse,”

Said she then, “For my sins, it will only get worse”.

“But true love,” countered he, “will in time set you free,

Proven by, sacrifice and the death of one’s needs”.


Only deeds, no more words, did ensue from his breath,

As he jumped, from his perch, to his own willing death.

Proving then, for all time, that true love hath a cost,

Free at last, from her chains, love was found, life was lost.


"For Jay"


You found my buried love, corpse still warm and wet,

Door unforced, still undivorced, you crept into her crypt.

You came upon her flesh, skin still flush and fresh,

As did I, some years before, into her grip you slipped.


You thought there lay a dove, wounded by false love;

From that ground, her wings unbound, you set her to the skies.

But what you couldn’t know, is there I placed her so,

Not again, her rotting soul would catch another’s eyes.


For you have known true loss, understood the cost;

She has only rendered pain, the kind no man can quell,

To all who came before, entered her then died--

Though her touch be heaven-sent, her grasp is straight from hell.









"An Ancient Orgasm"


Through your eyes, a thousand years of history are unleashed,

In your face, this primal tale of passion is retold,

In your arms, transported to this sacred place and time,

Here we lie, beneath the sun, in ancient fields of gold.


Even now, with centuries vast between us, still we lust,

Still we thirst, for carnal pleasures pure as sin.

Here and now, as Venus reunites our searching souls,

With our flesh, rejoined at last, I enter you again.


How could I, if not for hordes of history’s loves and trysts,

Know your soul, and mind and body secrets such as this?

How could you, if not my former slave and queen,

Instantly, achieve this state, of pure orgasmic bliss?


Once we loved, with passion more than earthly death could quench,

Still today, a thousand-year orgasm we embrace!

Once in time, I thought nirvana was an endless quest,

Now I know, each thousand years, I’ll find it in your face.



"Agape Love"


I don’t know how to love you, in subtle, partial ways.

I don’t know how to love you, in segments of my days.

I don’t know how to love you, in certain points in time.

I only know this love that grows by ways and means sublime!


I don’t know how to need you, restricted by my fear.

I don’t know how to need you, exclusively when here.

I don’t know how to need you, just on this earthly plane.

I love you in dimensions words only can’t explain.


I don’t know how to want you, with less than all my soul.

I don’t know how to own you, in less than bondage whole.

I don’t know how to show you, this gift from God above.

So thus I sit in sufferance, in this agape love.



Copyright 2008 Brent Futo